Amazing Benefit of Kohomba

7:36:00 PM

Amazing Benefit of Kohomba

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

6:39:00 AM

A lot of people are afraid of the ghosts, huh. Even that day thinking I'm not afraid of ghost face forward to meet gæhuṇot what would happen? Anyway ghost meet survivors gæhuṇot entry in that wonderful short citraṭapiṭiyak met. One was the video that DavidSoComedy Youtube chanel is made. '' I Is not Afraid of No Ghost '' Who is this young man in short citrarapaṭiyē dangerous ghost Survive see how dine. Do not fear death or nothing to worry about anything else.

Amazing Benefit of Kohomba

11:42:00 AM

You know the Amazing benefits or Kohomba. Kohomba is very useful herbal plant. Ayurveda & medicine.

Speed beyond the man

6:55:00 AM

Speed beyond the man His name is Felix bōmgāṭnar (Felix Baumgartner). Austria is the 2012 Canadian chātikayek added prosecution record from the ground up stharagōlayē pṛthavi 128100 October 14 screening 39 Km or feet.

Top 10 Home Remedies for Belly Fat

5:47:00 PM

Best 10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally. Learn how to burn belly fat (stomach fat or tummy fat) and lose weight using 10 natural ayurvedic home remedies like garlic, green tea, lemon, etc.

Covao dos Conchos Lagoon with Waterfall Inside O Segredo da Serra da Estrela 4K Ultra HD

6:16:00 AM

See the inside of the famous hole from Covão dos Conchos, in Serra da Estrela, is made of concrete and granite, has 4.6m high, 48 meters crowning was built in 1955 and serves to forward the Naves river waters to Lagoa Comprida. It has 1519 meters in length and is able to reach 120 thousand cubic meters. Veja o interior do famoso funil da barragem do Covão dos Conchos, o segredo escondido da Serra da Estrela onde se encontra um poço que cria a ilusão que a barragem está furada, é feito de betão e de granito, tem 4,6m de altura, 48 metros de coroamento foi construído em 1955 e serve para encaminhar as águas da ribeira das Naves para a albufeira da Lagoa Comprida. O túnel tem 1.519 metros de comprimento e é capaz de atingir os 120 mil metros cúbicos.

Parachute Hooked To The Skin Welcome To Suspension BASE Jumping

5:24:00 PM

A fearless daredevil basejumps from a 377 ft cliff with a parachute pierced into his flesh. Filmed in Ton Sai, Thailand, this gruesome footage shows adrenaline junkie Josh Miramant performing a suspension jump – where metal canopy hooks are inserted into the skin. San Francisco resident Josh had only started basejumping three weeks before the incredible stunt and had completed 21 jumps in that short time. The Maine born rock climber first discovered the remote beach peninsula of Ton Sai while backpacking through South East Asia nearly a decade ago and returned for a fourth time to perform this ultimate leap of faith.
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